Varq – Taj Mahal Hotel Fine Dining

Taj Mahal Hotel Tarq Restaurant
Taj Mahal Hotel Tarq Restaurant

Hotel Tarq, Delhi’s newest fine dining Indian restaurant, opened August 1 at the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Varq is a modern Indian gourmet dining experience with authentic, artistic dishes created by Taj Corporate Chef Hemant Oberoi and paired with teas to enhance enjoyment of the dishes’ ingredients.

Varq is part of Chef Oberoi’s masala cuisine concept, which reinvents Indian food with new techniques, innovative plated presentations and organic produce and spices. Chef Oberoi is faithful to the diverse homemade Indian dishes, while evolving traditional Indian recipes for contemporary palates.

At Varq, he uses ingredients such as sea bass, diver’s scallops, foie gras, halibut, sand crab and Karachi prawns.

The very name, “Varq” which refers to the edible gold and silver foil traditionally used to embellish certain Indian sweets, rich biryanis and curries, calls to mind refinement and luxury.

Named for India’s exotic edible gold leaf, Varq seats 82 guests and includes a private dining room for 14. Interior designers Mario and Theo Nicolaou created a classic contemporary ambiance by using dark wood, creamy leather and gold textures.


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