Valmont Introduces New Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Valmont Elixir des Glaciers skin care

Swiss company Valmont, utilizes unspoiled natural resources plus the latest cellular cosmetic research findings to develop premier, anti-aging skin care products.

Elixir des Glaciers is a new skin care line from Valmont that is intended to produce visible and long-lasting skin results.

Elixir des Glaciers is a unique skin product line collection that strives for the best possible results in treating one’s own skin. The new line will be available to consumers beginning September 2014.

For women, removing makeup can be a laborious and frustrating task each day. Yet the importance of makeup removal cannot be minimized as it’s a key to sustaining healhty looking skin.

Valmost introduces both Démaquillant Précieux Vox Yeux and Eau Micellaire Précieuse to use washing your face. The two, skin treatment products use the most noble ingredients from Switzerland, in addition to a signature Triple DNA complex that provides ultimate skin care and maximum performance.

The key ingredient of both Démaquillant Précieux Vox Yeux and Eau Micellaire Précieuse is Rose Petal Cryoextract. It’s a carefully balanced extraction process that produces one liter of rose water from more than 7,000 roses.

Arolla Glacier water is also utilized. It’s ice water that has filtered through a bed of rocks and thus enriched with minerals.

Rosa Moschata (Musk Rose) is an oil that helps remove grease that has been left behind by makeup use. Rosa Moschata is obtained from its seeds that are rich in fatty acids. It’s use helps restore your skin’s natural barrier.

The use of Démaquillant Précieux Vox Yeux greatly helps remove eye makeup plus lipstick. It’s quite effective on waterproof products. Perfectly dissolved without skin irritation, your makeup is more effectively removed. Plus the Valmont skin care’s Rose Oil and Echinacea Extract reduce the signs of aging.

Démaquillant Précieux Vox is applied to the skin with a cotton pad. After several seconds, your makeup begins to dissolve and can be lightly brushed off. No frustrating rubbing is needed. Pricing for a 60ml bottle is $120.

Eau Micellaire Précieuse is the ideal blend of pure glacial spring water plus floral and fruit extracts. The use of Peach Tree Bud Cryoextract leaves the skin moisturized. Collagen synthesis is stimulated and the Skin Flora Regulating Complex provides the perfect level of pH to prevent blemishes from occurring. Pricing for a 125ml bottle is $150.

When looking for the best skin care products, it’s important to understand the importance to buy from an established company. Valmont has been in business for over 25 years and is used in many of the world’s best spas and beauty salons. Their goal is simple – to assist both women and men to battle and treat the visible signs of aging.

If you are looking for the best beauty and anti-aging skin care products like from Valmont, then contact us today. Stay on top of the latest, luxury beauty products by returning to read other reviews published on your luxury blog.


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