Two New Limited-Edition Timepieces for Year of the Dragon – Arnold & Son

Arnold Son - Perpetual moon red gold "Year of the Dragon" luxury watch

Luxury watch brand Arnold & Son introduces the Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold “Year of the Dragon” and Luna Magna Red Gold “Year of the Dragon.” The year of the Wooden Dragon starts on February 10, 2024. In addition to a year of questioning and control, the dragon also represents negotiation and generosity.

The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 41.5 Red Gold and Luna Magna Red Gold models are issued in two colorways – blue and black. Each colorway is limited to only eight pieces each. Therefore, only 32 of these stunning timepieces will be available for collectors worldwide.


Arnold & Son showcases the traditional Chinese calendar, with a majestic dragon and the artistic crafts. Fine watchmaking, miniature sculpture, and gemstone craftsmanship make up the two versions of their new luxury watches. As a result, both limited edition watches feature an encounter between a dragon and the moon.

Resonance of the Gems
As a tribute to decorative horology, Arnold & Son dedicates the “Chinese Zodiac” with their amazing Luna Magna collection. Two versions are available. They both feature a large moon composed of red gold (5N) and pietersite or onyx. The moon is face to face with an impressive dragon in the same gold.

The features a large dial. It shows dragon landing. Plus it’s made from the same stone as the three-dimensional moon, namely pietersite or onyx. The first is blue with veining. The second is smooth, glossy and black. The off-center dial showing the hours and minutes is in white opal. Thus, a signature Arnold & Son gemstone.

Cambered Dragon
Just like the case that encloses it, the dragon is hand-engraved and sculpted from red gold (5N). Hence, the powerful body of the mythical creature wraps around the dial to its head.


According to the traditional Chinese calendar, 2024 is a prosperous and harmonious year. Arnold & Son marks this occasion with a sculptural flying dragon on a dial. This dragon shows against the aventurine glass. Its delicate sculpture includes countless hand-crafted details.

The majestic dragon has powerful feet, dissuasive claws, open maw, and whiskers flowing in the wind. As a result, it drifts between two worlds. With hand-painted shadows, the large, mother-of-pearl moon is overlaid with Super-LumiNova. It is against an aventurine glass sky. Plus, it’s surrounded by the constellations of the Great Bear and Cassiopeia. These are hand-painted and overlaid with luminescent material.

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Photo: Arnold & Son


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