Top Hotel Chains Offering Luxury Perks for Children

St. Regis Hotel

Another way the luxury hotel chains are trying to attract your business is by offering luxury perks geared toward children. We recently published an article about in-room shopping experiences as the top hotel chains battle it out by trying to differentiate themselves.

In the “good old days”, simply offering kids cookies and milk at night was about as luxury as it got. Well no more. Now it’s everything from having pre-ordered toys in the room upon arrival, to cooking classes, fun kids clubs and much more.

In interesting fact from the U.S. Travel Association is that back in 2008, of all leisure trips – 30.7% included kids under 18 years of age. Last year that figure dropped to only 23.4%. Why the steep decline? Younger adults are delaying marriage until they’re older plus when they do tie the know, they are having less children than prior generations. So although the number traveling children is down, they have become a focus as hotels continue to strive to be “family friendly.”

It’s no secret that if kids are happy, then their parents are also happy. Hotel chains want loyal customers who keep coming back to their luxury property. We want to offer a true VIP experience.

For example, the incredible Woolley Grange Hotel in Bradford on Avon – England, has long been a family-friendly, luxury hotel. Family is the core of life during travels, and the Woolley Grange Hotel has established creative programs and activities for both adults and children.

At the hotel’s Woolley Bears Den, try two hours of complimentary childcare during your stay. Perfect for parents to enjoy some alone time. Children’s High Tea is served daily at 5pm. Nannies assist watching your kids as they play and enjoy food and drinks. In the Hen House, older children can indulge in computer games, a pool table plus watch shows on a wide screen TV.

There are ten Peninsula Hotels around the world and they all offer luxury perks for kids. The most famous hotel is the iconic Peninsula Hong Kong, which opened way back in 1928. Children are welcomed with a personal toiletry kit, plus either a puzzle and robe & slippers or a gift or snack such as just-baked cookies – yum! Parents can pay a fee and enroll their children in a Kids Academy. At the Chicago hotel, young girls get to act like a princess and get pampered with nails, makeup and hair treatments. There’s even lovely gowns for them to wear and dress like a little princess. Next, a horse drawn carriage that’s shaped like a pumpkin, takes them on a joy ride for shopping at a local, retail store.

We expect these luxury perks for kids to continue to grow and become more extravagant. The top hotel chains are in constant competition to outdo each other and attract your business. The result is great news for consumers and wonderful luxury travel memories.

If you are ready to plan your next luxury travel trip, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help plan and book all your reservations and even focus on hotel chains offering luxury perks for your children. Come back again to follow this luxury blog and read about interesting luxury travel related stories.

Photo: St. Regis


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