The World’s Fascination With The Martini


If you are looking for a power statement, then nothing says you have arrived than drinking a fine martini. Martinis are a well known status symbol of the rich and famous.

Ever notice how good you feel when you are drinking a martini with your friends or business colleagues?

There is definitely something special about the unique shape of a martini glass. Even better is the seductive drink inside.

Unlike other cocktail glasses, a martini glass has a unique style that sets them apart. The distinctive appearance makes them likely the most popular cocktail glass anywhere.

Media advertisers have long ago understood the power of a martini. They often use martinis to demonstrate a debonair look as when a man or woman raises a martini glass for celebratory toast. Martinis are often seen in magazines that feature celebrities and the ultra rich.

There are several different ways to serve a martini. They are most often served stirred in a chilled glass or shaken with a the perfect blend of gin and white vermouth.

Many bar establishments will serve martinis with ice cubes that are coated in Vermouth Spritzer. This will save on the cost of replenishment.

It appears that Vodka is the alcohol of choice and replacing traditional gin. Many people today will choose to order vodka martinis.

To serve a wonderful tasting martini will require a special blend of ingredients. Of course, the most popular method of serving a martini cocktail is with an olive. But others have tried various alternatives, including chocolate, cherries, as well as various citrus fruit.

The martini shaker is the best way to make the perfect martini. It’s usually made of stainless steel, and is used to vigorously shake the liquid ingredients (gin or vodka and other ingredients) and ice together for the perfect blend. The drink is then strained and poured into a very chilled martini glass.

One of the most important things to remember is that when you serve a martini, never let the glass reach room temperature. Keep the glass ice cold and you will be the star at the party.


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