The Growing Allure of Sushi

Sushi platter

Sushi anyone? Who would have thought that sushi and chic would be used in the same sentence? And it looks like it is here to stay.

In every major town or city we go, you can be sure that there is a sushi restaurant close by. We are seeing more sushi bars, sushi at the airport and believe it or not, college cafeteria’s. Is Sushi finally making its way into the daily diets of Americans?

Sushi comes in all different types of tastes, textures and is generally served in small bites. Sushi was developed as a way to preserve fish by Japanese ancestors. It’s is typically eaten with your fingers however, some people prefer the use of chopsticks.

California rolls landed in the 1970′s, Sushi arrived in the early 1950′s after the World War II. However, in recent times, sushi is popping up everywhere, even in the supermarkets in the form of prepackaged sushi.

The first sushi restaurants starting popping up in American cities back in the early 1950′s after World War II. But recently, Japan has seen a sharp rise in American style sushi restaurants in their country to their surprise. In the U.S. the number of sushi restaurants and bars has grown four times since the late 80′s.

There are many types of raw fish which is called sashimi, used when making sushi. The fishes are prepared in many different ways such as soaking the fish in sake, pickling, and cooked shellfish. Rice wine is also used to soak the fish in prior to preparing the dish.

Soy sauce is also served for dipping but sushi is also served with Wasabi which is a green paste and is made with Japanese style horseradish. Pickled ginger is also used to clean the palate between bites and aid in digestion.

What you may not know is that sushi is very low in fat. An average dish of sushi is between 6 and 7 pieces and contains less than 500 calories. You will receive your fatty acids, omega 3 along with the lean protein which is needed for a healthy diet.

First time sushi eaters, I recommend some type of sushi roll for starters. If you are brave enough to dive into the raw fish, then ask the chef. Fish is seasonal and a recommendation from the chef is the best way to go when making your choice.

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