The Golden Putter – Ultimate Luxury Golf Gift

The GoldenPutter
Courtesy of: Barth & Sons

Looking for the ultimate gift for that avid golfer or golf fan? Barth & Sons has developed most likely the world’s most exclusive golf Putter – The GoldenPutter.

Golfing is such a unique game that bring a high level of excitement by fanatics or a shrug of the shoulders for those who have never played.

Golf is a game of intrigue. It’s a challenging game of skill, technique and sometimes a little luck. But the saying goes, “Drive for show, Putt for dough.”

German company Barth & Sons wishes to satisfy the tastes of the hottest golf admirers. They sell what could be described as the ultimate luxury golf gift and likely the most expensive and beautiful golf stick found anywhere in the world – The Golden Putter.

Combining both a classical style with a traditional form, the Golden Putter is made with fine, precious materials.

The golf club is covered with 24-carat gold. What makes this putter so unique is that each stick is emphasized by a nominal engraving or the gold tablet on the handle.

The GoldenPutter
Courtesy of: Barth & Sons

Every customer receives a certificate of authenticity along the purchase of a GoldenPutter.

Michael Barth, Founder and Owner of Barth & Sons was quoted, “Every Putter is as unique as you. In addition we offer several possibilities with which you can further personalize your GoldenPutter, with even more exclusive materials, and customized luxury details.”

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