The Charming Bird Luxury Watch by Jaquet Droz

Charming Bird Luxury Watch by Jaquet Droz
Charming Bird Luxury Watch by Jaquet Droz

First introduced in 2013, the stunning Charming Bird became the very first singing bird automata wristwatch that was ever manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz. Only 28 pieces of the original Charming Bird watch were ever produced.

The first Charming Bird watch was made in white gold. Jaquet Droz was now made this beautiful luxury watch available in beautiful pink gold. This fine watch honors Pierre Jaquet-Droz, who is respected for his art of manufacturing the singing automata.

The songbird definitely celebrates the Jaquet Droz brand by improving upon the techniques of the automaton and the miniature.

The Charming Bird watch is clearly a ground-breaking timepiece. The watch conveys a modern, yet a more simplistic aesthetic. The miniature singing bird located near the bottom of the watch dial, is enclosed in a 47 mm-diameter case that offers contemporary look. The Charming Bird features a dome-shaped sapphire crystal that was designed to cleverly enhance how light rays passes through it.

The technology utilized in the Charming Bird by Jaquet Droz includes a technologically advanced miniaturization process. Tiny pistons pump the air, then store it to produce the soothing bird sound. The actual bird chirping sound heard is dependent on several variables including both the speed of the piston as well as actual shape of the bellows opening.

Charming Bird Luxury Watch by Jaquet Droz

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Photo: Jaquet Droz


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