The Amazing Olowalu Petroglyphs on Maui

olowalu petroglyphs_maui hawaii

Back in ancient times, the primary method to document was to scratch pictures and images onto rock. On Maui, because of the relatively soft lava rock, it made for an excellent tablet for such ancient drawings.

A short walk behind the Olowalu General Store and about 1/2 mile past the water tower, exists the amazing Olowalu Petroglyphs for all to see. These ancient Hawaiian stone carvings capture a moment in history on the island of Maui.

The path is fairly easy to follow. Once there, climb to see the 300-year-old rock carvings made by early Hawaiians. Also look for remains of an old wooden stairway.

Similar to other ancient carvings on Maui, the Olowalu Petroglyphs are carved into the vertical sides of cliffs instead of the horizontal lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

One of the Olowalu petroglyphs displays several figures that are grouped together. Many believe they are depicting a family.

The large body, human figures are most likely Ali’i (royalty). The basic stick figures are probably denoted as commoners. One can also view various weavings, tools, canoes and animals.


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