Terre Blanche Resort, Provence – A Brief Guide

Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche Provence
Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche Provence

The luxury Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche Provence exudes natural luxury due to its fine weather and landscapes, inviting visitors to feel truly indulged.

Famous for its unique pallet of colors and scenic splendor, it’s no wonder that Provence has been the inspiration for countless artists including Van Gough and Cezanne.

The landscape is nothing short of fairytale, with wild flower meadows and ancient oak woodland acting as a backdrop to world famous beaches and elegant villages.

From the breathtaking peaks of the Alps to the golden sands of San Tropez, the variety of Provence’s landscape makes its charm easy to appreciate.

The gorgeous landscape gives rise to the production of equally gorgeous food, prepared as a selection of mouth-watering regional delicacies which are served in the suitably luxurious restaurants of the region.

Food is to be taken time over and savored, with a feast of local delights to choose from prepared by chefs with generations of culinary knowledge at their disposal.

The wines of the region are likewise to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, particularly the sophisticated and award winning rose produced there. Tours of a vineyard are also a wonderful way to spend the day, with the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the vineyards, and, of course, taste the wines.

Classic French markets are to be found in abundance throughout the region. Spend the morning perusing the colorful stalls and choosing items for an extravagant lunch.

Nothing can be done in Provence without the feeling of luxury, including a wine and cheese picnic in a secluded spot amidst the rolling valleys or coastal beach coves.

Luxury hotels such as the stunning Terre Blanche beautifully complement the regions traditional elegance. Nestled between sprawling valleys and mountains, the thoughtfully designed hotel blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, combining the unique color pallet of the region with the luxury of exemplary service and amenities.

Surrounded by the relaxing scents of lavender and the soft colors of pastel meadow, such resorts like the Four Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche are carefully designed with tranquility and comfort in mind.


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