Sustainable Fashion in Germany – Fall Berlin Fashion Week

Sustainable fashion - Luxury clothing

The Fall Berlin Fashion Week brings together many creative professionals from the fashion industry. This huge event is held twice annually to discuss and discover new trends. However, sustainable fashion continues to grow in popularity. The truth is, fashion continues to become a disposable commodity. Hence, clothing items are rarely or never worn and then thrown away.

In the last four years, the topic of sustainability has taken center stage. Many young German fashion designers set out to make the fashion world a better place. Especially in Berlin. As a result, the demand for sustainably and fairly produced garments is growing. That’s why Berlin is often called the green fashion capital of Germany. Therefore, the trendy city is a trend-setter in many areas, fashion being one of them.

According to the Fashion Council, Germany is the second largest fashion brand supplier in Europe. Thus, making fashion a relevant economic and cultural asset for Germany. Some of the big German names that have taken the fashion world by storm include Hugo Boss, Adidas, Escada and Joop.

That’s why many German fashion designers have implemented new processes in their work to make their collections more sustainable. Of course, sustainable fashion will be a big focus of the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. The popular fashion event will take place from September 5th-10th, 2022 in Berlin.

Sustainable fashion is a priority in other German cities as well. Many designers come up with innovative ideas to make their clothes more eco-conscious. For example, the Duesseldorf is the fashion city by the Rhine River. The label Wunderwerk is committed to consider all stages of the supply chain to achieve sustainability that is more than just using organic cotton. Wunderwerk takes a stand against the use of chemicals, toxins, and bleach to preserve the well-being of nature, animals and people.

The Bavarian label ARMEDANGELS has developed a take-back system. For example, it allows customers to send in their old ARMEDANGELS clothes that will be turned into recycled fiber. Then, reinforced with sustainable fiber in the yarn, and thus made into a new clothing item. As a thank you for participating in the recycling process customers receive a 5 € gift card. They introduce new t-shirts with circularity.ID® that come with a smart tag containing digitized information sewn into the sleeve. For instance, consumers can scan the tag with their smartphones and receive information on where the t-shirt was produced and what fabric composition was used.

In the northern German city Lübeck the vegan, fair and sustainable sneaker company Ethletic was founded. Interestingly, it is the first sneaker brand that has the Fairtrade Cotton logo on its products. For example, Ethletic completely rejects air shipments and transports its sneakers exclusively by ship to reduce its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company makes a one US Dollar donation to the Talon Fairtrade Workers Welfare Society per pair of shoes sold.

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As sustainable fashion continues to become ever more popular, watch for key changes in the fashion industry. Return soon to follow our poplar luxury site and read about the latest luxury fashion news and trends.

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