Spas No Longer Just for Luxury

Spa massage treatment

For many years, the spa industry has long been known for catering to the needs of the rich and famous.

The message of the spa industry has been one of luxury and pampering, including: caviar facials and champagne baths.

That may be true but for average consumers, their belief is that number reason they go to a spa is to relax and relieve/reduce stress.

Consumers are looking for wellness, relaxation and for ways to live a balanced life. Spas are about living your “best life!”

“Spas are not about luxury – they’re about re-charging your battery, taking time to re-new, and learning how to take care of yourself,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees.

McNees continues, “Spas are about health, reducing stress and aging gracefully. The key is to take the information you learn at the spa, and incorporate it into your daily routine at home.”

In an industry study from the 2008 ISPA Global Consumer Study, several interesting fact surfaced.

  • The No.1 reason people around the world spa is to relax and relieve/reduce stress.
  • In 11 of the 15 countries surveyed, overall wellness and health was one of the top three reasons consumers spa.
  • In eight of the 15 countries surveyed, healthcare practitioner recommendation was one of the top three motivators for visiting a spa.

Going beyond just the traditional spa treatments like a massage and facial, the spa is now the place for the whole family to go to educate yourself on how to live a healthy well-balanced life.

Teenagers can learn how to care for their skin. Moms can learn to cook healthy meals. Men can find out how to deal with all that pent up work stress.

“With so many spas going above and beyond, there’s no reason not to spa,” said McNees. “Our ISPA member spas are focusing on wellness, by offering information on the healthy benefits of spa, including healthy living articles in monthly newsletters, adding fitness classes, educational workshops, and developing programs focused on regular maintenance, and not pricey pampering.”

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