Soar With the BG Paramotor by Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Paramotor

Bear Grylls is a world-renowned survival expert and adventurer. He partnered with Parajet International to launch BG Paramotor for adventurers who strive to find additional ways of experiencing the world.

The new BG Paramotor can now provide stunning aerial views of some of the most hard to reach areas of the world. With flight time durations of up to 3 hours, BG Paramotor is ideal for long cross-country expeditions or extended local flying.

BG Paramotor is the simplest of all powered aircraft. With a small engine to drive a propeller, the device functions like a backpack under a paraglider wing. The engine provides thrust for take off and the ability to climb and maintain level flight.

Specially designed by Bear Grylls, he was quoted “I’m so excited by the launch of the BG Paramotor – I’m a huge fan of the sport and take every opportunity to take to the skies and explore. For me it is my escape!”

With BG Paramotor, now you can enjoy amazing aerial views and reach the remote back country, fly amongst the clouds and explore the distant landscape. It truly is a “one man personal powered flight.”

It get started could not be easier. Just strap on the backpack propeller and the powerful one man engine provides all the thrust your paraglider ‘wing’ needs to soar high. You will feel like a bird and be able to swoop and fly high above before returning to earth.

Attend the Bear Grylls Accredited Parajet Flight Academies and learn how to fly the BG Paramotor. The majority of students complete flight training within 10 days.

Storing and transporting BG Paramotor is quite simple. It’s easy to assemble and be taken in a large case or the trunk of your car.

The BG Paramotor Adventurer Package includes:<,b>
– BG Paramotor including a bespoke harness, wing and helmet
– 10 days training at BG Accredited Parajet Flight Academy
– Chassis Bag including first aid kit and water bottle pouch
– Prop Covers
– BG Ultimate Survival Knife
– Travel Luggage System including Travel Bag
– Spar case and Cage bag

The purchase price for the BG Paramotor Adventurer Package is £10,688 + VAT and includes all the equipment and training listed above.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves the outdoors and wants to push the boundaries of adventure.

Bear Grylls has been an avid supporter of Parajet and used paramotors on many occasions. Most notably are two expeditions with flights over the remote jungle plateau of the Angel Falls in Venezuela, in addition to teaming up with Parajet founder Gilo Cardozo to fly over the summit of Everest in 2007

If you are ready to fly like an eagle or know somebody who would love owning the BG Paramotor, contact The Life of Luxury today. Keep up with other luxury travel news stories by following this luxury blog.


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