Snow Tubing at Hansen’s Resort

Hansen's Resort - Lake Tahoe snow tubing

Once very popular winter activities, snow tubing and saucering are finding a hard comeback. Lake Tahoe area ski resorts have limited or even eliminated this fun winter activity all together.

One location that continues to strive and offer people, both young and old, the opportunity to snow tube is Hansen’s Resort.

Hansen’s Resort can be found on three acres of California pine forest.  Hansen’s Resort is a secluded hideaway offering seven rustic cabins. The resort is only five minutes from the shores of Lake Tahoe ski runs of Heavenly Valley and Nevada casinos.

The snow run is around 400 feet long and offers fun for snow enthusiasts of all ages. To make it easier to come back up the run, there’s a walkway up the side of the run.

The runs are groomed on a daily basis to ensure a safe and fun time. The snow runs offer high “walls” and a small hill below to assist stopping you at the bottom.

Hansen’s Resort
Snow Tubing and Saucer Hill
1360 Ski Run Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA


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