Royal for a Day in Loas’ Hotel De La Paix

Hotel de La Paix - Laos, luxury suite
Hotel de La Paix

With our nuptials rapidly approaching, selecting a honeymoon destination has been a source of both excitement and frustration.  When I think honeymoon, I see images of rich blue Kauai waves, the silver sands of Jamaica, or romantic Gondolas gracing across Venetian waters.  My fiance, however, dreams of Moai on Easter Island.  Luckily, an option like Hotel De La Paix in Laos may be the answer.

Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang is built on a UNESCO World Heritage site in the former royal capital of Laos.  This boutique resort hotel has 23 sanctuaries of private space in the form of luxury suites.  Each suite has its own secluded outdoor garden and a front terrace overlooking a Eden-esque courtyard.  Four of the 23 suites also include a private private swimming pool.  You read correctly, not a spa tub, a swimming pool.

This luxury resort in Luang Prabang is the reincarnation of a century old property with historical significance.  It was once a Governor’s residence and a military fort.  Blending the old with the new, the exterior of the original buildings was restored to French colonial style, while a new wing baring true resemblance of a Laotian village was added.

The Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang resort offers natural spa therapies, gourmet dining and a private Asian cooking school, all adhering to Laos’ ancient health and wellness tradition. Set against a backdrop of majestic peaks, this resort is the perfect escape for a taste of royal living with the promise of an exotic adventure in an unconventional location.


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