Rojo Lounge in Las Vegas

Rojo Lounge The Palms

Rojo Lounge, located in the lobby of Palms Place Condo Hotel (located next to the Palms), is what you’d imagine hotel lobbies were like during the Rat Pack days, only updated for the R. Kelly set.

There’s the separate lounge (with a capacity of 75), which is intimate and features a red-lit bar, vinyl booths and bottle service. And then there’s the actual lobby, which ups the capacity of the whole place to more than 200.

I checked this place out for the first time a couple nights ago. Loved it! Jason described it as a high-end, strip-like lounge, just not on the strip. I agree. The layout is great because you can also take your drink out into the main lobby. Lots of couches and cool areas to chill out.

If you’re into celebrity watching insiders tell me this is the hottest spot in town right now. Since many of the condos are owned by celebs, they can often be spotted grabbing a quick beverage at Rojo. This week I’m told Jon Lovitz stopped by as did Vern “Mini Me” Troyer. Okay, maybe they’re not on the top of your “watch list”… but others who reportedly purchased Palms Place condos include, rapper Eminem, Jessica Simpson and Hulk Hogan.

Robert Parekh is the bar manager. Good guy. We chatted with him for a few. They offer many signature drinks, inlcuding one he created called a “Mandarin Mojave”… it tastes like a dreamsicle. Article by: Gerard Ramalho

Rojo Lounge
4381 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 932-7777


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