Rocco Forte’s Hotel Amigo: Home of the Gregarious Belgians

Hotel Amigo - Belgium

Hotel Amigo – Belgium

My favorite company that I have marketed was a high-profile architectural design studio based in Europe. I reported directly to the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing; a warm, gregarious, and charismatic Belgian man.  He always had a story about snow days in his hometown, near-death sales calls, or the misadventures of an overzealous family member.  We always left our weekly sales and marketing meetings wide-eyed in disbelief.

Even though I know most of his stories are highly exaggerated, that still doesn’t diminish my desire to find out once and for all whether eating the snow in Belgium would burn all excess body fat.  I’d do it in style in Brussels, with the help of Rocco Forte.

Known for classical luxury and elite extravagance, Rocco Forte Hotels is a family of 13 highly individual properties spread out all over Europe; each hotel features the unique style and ambiance from which the local city inspires.

Located in the heart of Brussels sits one of the thirteen: Hotel Amigo.  Rated as the best luxury hotel in Brussels, Hotel Amigo enjoys the view of the Grand Place and within easy walking distance to the artistic antiques district of Le Sablon.

In celebration of the much anticipated Steven Spielberg film, “The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn,” Rocco Forte’s Hotel Amigo and Moulinsart are rolling out the red carpet for Belgium’s favorite comic book hero and his loyal sidekick Snowy with two new exciting Tintin experiences.

Armed with a detailed Tintin map provided by the hotel, guests would begin their adventure tracing Tintin’s steps around the Belgian capital and walk through the Brussels’ park depicted in King Ottokar’s Sceptre, visit the concert hall that inspired the Hippodrome in The Seven Crystal Balls, and browse antiques at the daily flea market on the Place du Jeu de Ball – the setting for the film’s opening scene in which Belgium’s national hero buys his best friend Captain Haddock a model ship.

Guests can also visit the Hergé Museum, located 30 minutes from Brussels’ city center.  With tickets included in both of Hotel Amigo’s Tintin experiences, guests can explore this astounding piece of architecture which contains more than 80 original print plates along with a plethora of documents and photographs, highlighting the work and life of the comic book mastermind.

I encourage you to visit Hotel Amigo in Brussels.  If not for Tintin’s adventures, the scenery, or the bliss of opulence, then surely for the rumored fat-dissolving snow, however little there are.


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