Rhine & Moselle River Cruise – 15 Days of Romance from Scenic Tours

Rhine River cruise - Germany
Scenic Tours – Rhine River

When people think romance, Paris and Venice tend to be the first destinations that pop into most people’s heads.  But the splendor of Amsterdam can definitely give Paris and Venice and run for their money.  Rhine and Moselle River Cruise is offering a 15-day scenic cruise that takes passengers through the picturesque canals.  The liveliness of the vibrant city centers, small towns with rustic cobblestone streets and historic seaports are all part of the itinerary of the luxury ship known as the scenic “Space Ship”.

Ports visited include Venlo and its once-a-decade World Floriade Exposition; the fairytale town of Cochem; Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace wine region of France; and Luxembourg, one of Europe’s smallest and most prosperous countries.

Included optional excursions give guests the option of sightseeing according to their interests, whether it is a visit to a German home for Kaffeklatsch (“coffee and conversation”) or a wine tasting in the French countryside of Barr Fares for the April 2, April 4 and Aug. 20, Oct 8 and 15 departure dates – and the reverse itinerary departures on April 18, July 23 and Sept. 3, Oct 22 and 29.

Rhine River cruise ship - Germany
Scenic Tours – Rhine River

Guided tours include the Anne Frank House, bike tour or a sightseeing canal cruise.  For the engineer-minded, the Middleburg’s Delta Works offers insiders’ look into the complex structure of dams, locks and barriers, built to protect a large area from the sea and declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Engineers.  For offers on Scenic Tours’ other European, Russia, and Egypt destinations, please visit their website, http://www.scenictoursus.com.


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