Picasso Exhibit at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art - Pablo Picasso

Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is pleased to present their new exhibit, Picasso: Creatures and Creativity. The display will be show cased in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and will allow guests to venture into the creative mind of Picasso.

The exhibit at the incredible Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art will feature over 45 of Picasso’s paintings produced from the 1930-1970s. Guests will journey through Picasso’s peculiar ability to capture human form with his use of line, movement, and color. Guest will not only appreciate the exhibition of fine art, but also understand the artistic vision. The exhibit will run July 3, 2015 through January 10, 2016.

Pablo Picasso drew inspiration from real life experiences. Most of his adulthood was spent in France. Picasso has been extraordinarily prolific throughout the course of his life. He has achieved widespread fortune for his innovative artistic accomplishments. He has become one the best-known figures in 20th-century art. Several paintings rank among the most expensive paintings in the world.

Picasso is known for his paintings, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, stage design, and writing. Some of his notable work are: Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon (1907), Guernica (1937), and The Weeping Woman (1937).

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is located in the heart of the luxurious Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Since opening in 1998, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has presented objects and artwork drawn from worldwide acclaimed museums and private collections. The gallery has presented such showcases as: American Modernism, Classic Contemporary: Lichtenstein, Warhol & Friends, Ansel Adams: America, The Impressionist Landscape: From Corot to Van Gogh, Impressionism: Art in Bloom.

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has been known as “Where great art goes on vacation.” Bellagio Resort & Casino was inspired by the lake Como town in Bellagio, Italy. Bellagio known for elegance, beauty, and luxury has provided guest with additional attractions.

Resort guests are able to experience these attractions while visiting or lodging such as: The Fountains of Bellagio, Fiori di Como, The bank Night Club, Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden, and the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

Although, many travel to Las Vegas for leisure, many are unaware of the hidden riches that Bellagio Resort & Casino holds. Any art enthusiast, or person who appreciates talent, history, color, and expression, would enjoy the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

If you want to visit Las Vegas and stay at the luxury Bellagio Resort & Casino, contact The Life of Luxury today. Be sure to see the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Return here to follow this luxury blog and read up on all the latest luxury travel news.

Photo Credit: Pablo Picasso, Woman Wearing Yellow Hat (Jacqueline), 1962, Oil on canvas, 36 x 28 ¾”, © 2015 Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


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