Pellikaan Timing Announces New Hendrik Lorentz Luxury Watch

Pellikaan Timing - Hendrik Lorentz luxury watch

Pellikaan Timing is a Dutch watch brand that just announced their latest luxury watch model – Hendrik Lorentz. Hubert Pellikaan was originally trained as a pharmacist, but started Pellikaan Timing in 2009.

Named after one of Holland’s greatest physicist, Hendrik Lorentz is 1902 Nobel Price winner plus the scientific father of none other than Albert Einstein.

Hendrik Lorentz developed the concept of “local time” formulas and integrated into the new Hendrik Lorentz luxury watch from Pellikaan Timing, it can be located in the scales in the watch dial, separate for each hand.

The engine of the new Hendrik Lorentz tribute watch is the automatic Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement. The engine can be viewed through the back of the watch’s sapphire display with AR coating.

The watch case is made from Stainless steel and has a diameter of 40mm. Other watch measurements of this fine watch include a height of 9,5 mm, and lug width of 22 mm.

Founder Hubert Pellikaan was quoted, “Seeing a rising demand from our customers for a sophisticated dress watch I decided the time was right to introduce the Hendrik Lorentz.”

Pearled silver and matte black colors are typically used in scientific instruments. So Pellikaan Timing has used this color scheme to allow very accurate readability of its new watch, in addition to offering a classic look. watch The movement is incredible. it’s dynamically balanced by Pellikan Timing in 6 positions. The result is extreme accuracy that is within the demands for the strict, chronometric qualification.

The new Hendrik Lorentz luxury watch from Pellikaan Timing is now available for at the retail price of € 1895.

If you are interested in purchasing the new Hendrik Lorentz luxury watch from Pellikaan Timing, please contact The Life of Luxury. Do you like reading about the latest news in the luxury watch industry? Come back and follow our popular, luxury blog.


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