New Petite Heure Minute Watch Collection by Jaquet Droz

New Petite Heure Minute Watch Collection by Jaquet Droz

The Rat, the first symbol of the Chinese Zodiac calendar, will be front and center in the next Chinese New Year. To honor this long running tradition, Jaquet Droz will be releasing four new models of its Petite Heure Minute watch collection.

Starting with two precious metal versions with onyx dials, these feature hand-engraved and hand-painted 18kt gold appliques in relief are stunning. They beautifully depict rats and pomegranates – all set with rubies. In addition, the white gold model prominently features a case and buckle with diamonds. Also, both variations are Numerus Clausus of 8.

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Ivory Grand Feu enameling and miniature painting, techniques mastered by Jaquet Droz artisans, are the main features of the next two pieces. Plus both cases are in 18kt red gold, in 39 mm or 35 mm sizes. But this gorgeous watch collection from Jaquet Droz is limited to only 28 pieces each. Therefore, this watch collection is very rare and will be attractive to both watch lovers and avid collectors. The smaller size’s case is set with 232 diamonds (1.23 carats).

As I previously mentioned, the Rat represents renewal and is the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. According to legend, the Rat finished first in a great race hosted by the Jade Emperor, the ruler of all gods. Being synonymous with intelligence, ingenuity and ambition, the Rat is also an animal that is closely associated with wealth

Why you ask? Well the Rat is an omen of plentiful harvests and represents a sign of prosperity. Four highly exclusive, luxury watch collection models have now been revealed. The new Petite Heure Minute watch collection by Jaquet Droz celebrates the pairing of the Rat and the pomegranate. Each piece in this watch collection showcases Jaquet Droz’s Ateliers d’Art. As a result, the work brings naturalistic scenes to life in the true spirit of the brand.

The Pomegranate:

Here’s a little trivia for you today. The pomegranate has been regarded as a symbol of life and fertility since ancient times. Why? Because of the many seeds contained within it. Therefore, fertility and continuous renewal are the benefits of the pomegranate, Thus, it becomes the fruit of power and a symbol of life.

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The latest Petite Heure Minute watch collection by Jaquet Droz is simply incredible. We enjoy sharing the latest news and product releases in the luxury watch industry. Also, be sure to return soon and follow our popular luxury blog.

Photo: Jaquet Droz


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