New “College Colors” Cufflink Collection from Baade II

Baade II College colored cufflinks
Baade II

Baade II is an Atlantic City-based artisan hand-maker of true, Vitreous hand-enameled cufflinks and for over two-decades, has produced a limited edition collection of hand-crafted, men’s and women’s cufflinks and formal suites.

A new cufflink collection has been announced from Baade II, that represents the brilliant colors from over 200 U.S. colleges and universities. In addition, this elegant cufflink collection also includes England’s top 100 Universities.

Baade II’s new “College Colors” Cufflink Collection ranks as largest selection of school color cufflinks ever offered.

Both large and small schools are proudly represented, from Harvard and Yale to tiny Niagra U with Two- and three-color stripes and polka dot counts.

Mary Ann Paul is knows as America’s premier cufflink designer. She has hand-crafted Baade II sterling and gold cufflinks and these luxury products are sold at many of America’s most prestigious stores.

In addition to the University of Alabama from her home state, red and white are also Stanford’s school colors, along with Harvard’s, University of Arkansas, Cornell, University of Nebraska, Boston University, Connecticut’s tiny University of Hartford, and about a dozen more.

Utilizing a navy and gold color combo, the following schools were represented – UC Berkeley’s Golden Bears, Kent State, Notre Dame, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, U.S. Naval Academy, George Washington and half-a-dozen more.

This luxury All-handmade cufflink collection from Baade II features a luxury priced group and a moderately priced, starving students, line-up.

Baade II’s new College Colors Collection is available, nationwide, at over 200 of America’s premier specialty retailers, from New York’s Barneys to the Beverly Hills stalwart, Carroll & Company.

Designer Paul has priced her luxe-niched, double-sided College Colors cufflinks at $495 and priced the single-sided versions at $325. Formal suites will retail in the $725 range.

Also available is a solid gold cufflink line-up in school colors and priced at current gold rates.

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