Most Expensive Office Real Estate in Dubai

Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers

The idea that Dubai will soon boast the most expensive real estate in the world is not as absurd as it sounds.

All it takes is a modest extrapolation of growth trends for rentals in the Dubai International Financial Centre, and a continuation of the current cooling off in markets like London Prime and this is a fact.

Dubai’s office market continues to suffer from an acute shortage of space, with 98 per cent occupancy in the new financial zone, the Dubai International Financial Centre, which has been hugely successful in attracting global financial firms to the emirate.

The latest recruit this week is Thames River Capital, a boutique fund-of-funds investment manager based in Berkeley Square.

The latter told AME Info that rents in this prime London location had fallen by around 30 per cent and that the rent it had just agreed in Dubai was not far off the rent it had just paid for additional space in Mayfair.  Full article


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