Monticristi Hand-woven Toquilla Straw Hats

Monticristi Hand-woven Toquilla Straw Hats

Hat wearing has had different phases of popularuity over the years. But people appreciate good fashion, and the luxury line of hand-woven Toquilla Straw hats from Monticristi are very stylish.

The new Toquilla Straw hats are the culmination of two years of tireless effort by co-owners Emilio Gomez, Pablo Vinueza and Jose Molina. The result is a very fashionable look that retains the classic style of Toquilla Straw hat and uses 100 percent Toquilla Straw.

Considered to be the finest straw hats found anywhere, Toquilla Straw hats are made at plantations that have the ideal climate. In addition, the expertise of the plantation weavers are superior. Monticristi utilizes the best hat weavers found in the towns of both Montecristi and Pile in the South American country of Ecuador.

These custom Toquilla Straw hats from Monticristi are made for the stylish consumer who want to make a true, luxury fashion statement.

Of course, now that summer is hear and we are all trying to be careful about excess sun exposure. Monticristi straw hats are perfect for protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays and helping prevent potential skin damage. It’s time to look your best but also be “Safe and Stylish in the Sun!”

Co-owner Pablo Vinueza was quoted, “It is our intention to make the art of weaving recognizable internationally, fusing it with a touch of contemporary fashion to sustain its prestigious legacy.”

The straw hat’s head band is carefully hand-stitched to the hat. It’s made from the best silk available in India. The result is a luxury product from Monticristi that can be characterized as one of “the finest straw hats” available anywhere.

The start to finish process for each Monticristi hat can take as long as 10 months. It starts with the harvest of the first straw bud – to the final product product being packaged and ready for sale. The actual weaving process involves six, detailed steps. The final outstanding look of each Toquilla Straw hat from Montecristi is only possible from talented, local artisans who have devoted their lives to this craft.

“Natives of ancient cultures have mastered and passed down the art of straw weaving from generation to generation for more than 4000 years.” stated co-owner Emilio Gomez.

You can purchase a fashionable, hand-woven Toquilla Straw Hat from Monticristi online at

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