Luxury BRYCLA Royal Gold Plated Chairs

Brycla Royal gold plated chairs

British manufacturer BRYCLA offers simply luxurious chairs used at a wide variety of high-end events plus special occasions such as VIP functions. and even Royal/Celebrity weddings.

BRYCLA showcased its line of the world’s most exclusive banqueting chairs at the World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi. The World Luxury Expo show was held at the Emirates Palace last week between September 27th – 29th, 2013.

BRYCLA has a passion and is proud to supply “100% British” innovative products. BRYCLA chairs are used around the world at only the worlds most exclusive events. Client desires nothing short of perfection, and BRYCA surely delivers.

The first of the two new products featured to the Saudi Arabian market is the stunning BRYCLA ROYAL luxury chair. The chair is finished in 22 carat gold and also certified with authentication.

The BRYCLA ROYAL chair is definitely a must, especially for VIP weddings and special functions, state occasions, luxury hotels, Government buildings, royal households, luxury palaces, in addition to other exclusive venues.

The chair seat pads are interchangeable to better suit the venue’s unique décor and can be manufactured in the customer’s specific style. The BRYCLA ROYAL chairs are currently used throughout Europe by many of the Royal households.

The second chair product to be shown at this U.A.E. event was the impressive BRYCLA PLATINUM. The patented BRYCLA PLATINUM chair is a revolutionary and elegant chair.

It features world-first design and first-class manufacturing techniques that are based on the classic napoleon design. This unique chrome napoleon chair will definitely enhance any hotel, room, event or venue with its gorgeous mirror-like finish.

BRYCLA wholesale prices are £2,000 for their elegant 22 carat gold plated “Royal” chair and just £360 for the equally impressive Chrome “Platinum” chair.

To learn more about purchasing a luxury chair from BRYCLA, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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