Limited Edition Golf Putters by Peterson Fine Mill

Peterson Fine Mill - luxury Liberty golf putter
Peterson Fine Mill

Ultimately the key to a great golf putter is its performance. Foremost, Kevin Peterson at Peterson Fine Mill in Southern California wanted to ensure his custom made putters offered the ultimate performance available.

Each putter is completely CNC milled and includes incredible artwork that makes your putter much more than to just drain putts. Kevin Peterson is a highly respected golf putter craftsman and has perfected his craft for almost two decades at Peterson Fine Mill.

Kevin clearly understands the delicate balance of style and performance by designing his custom made putters with perfect lines and precise weighting.

Each Peterson Fine Mill, custom putter is personally personally designed, milled, inspected, and detailed by Kevin Peterson. He goes that extra mile to ensure his golf products meet his high standard of excellence.

These limited edition golf putters from Peterson Fine Mill make the perfect holiday gift for avid golf lovers. Custom designs can be commissioned upon request. In addition, the company also offers personalization on all of their pieces.

These golf putters make the perfect gift during the holidays or anytime of the year. To learn more or to purchase a custom, luxury golf putter for that golf lover in your life, please visit


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