Ladies, Pick the Correct Bra Size – Please!

Perfect fit bra

U.K. multi-media company  Which? recently conducted an undercover investigation studying women shopping for bras.

Which? sent out eleven researches between the ages of 25 to 75,  to seventy stores.  The outcome of their investigation, was that an astonishing 71% of the bras sold to the women were the wrong size!

Bra manufacturer Simone Perele knows the importance of wearing the correct size bra. The company has developed some helpful tips for women:

· Make sure you get fitted every 6 months.

· The center piece of the bra should lie flat against the chest to ensure good support.

· If you can pull the center piece away from the body by more than ¼ inch, the back size is too big.

· The bra back band should be the same height as the center piece.

· Adjust the straps so they are supportive without being constrictive.

· Ensure that the underwire is not on top of the breasts.

· The cup should be visible and does not cut into the breast.

· Make sure you pay attention to your cycle as your bust size changes during this time and sometimes a different size is needed.

Source: Simone Perele


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