Keeley Hazell

British model, Keeley Hazell is most famous as a Page 3 Girl, becoming one of the series most popular models. She won 2005’s Page 3 Idol competition.

Why did you turn down the chance to pose for Playboy? “I didn’t actually agree to do Playboy in the first place, because I didn’t like the whole concept of going nude and having everyone see all of my body.”

What’s the second most favorite thing you’ve ever held in your hand? (Giggles) “Well, I have a few ideas what you want me to say, but I’m going to resist….so, the favorite thing I have ever held in my hand is …. an ice cream!”

As a teenager, Keeley Hazell was a frequent truant and stayed out late on school nights drinking. She confesses to having only taken five GCSE examinations due to being ejected from several of them; however, she did well in mathematics and English despite suffering from dyslexia.

In early January 2007, a sex tape of Keeley Hazell and ex-boyfriend Lloyd Miller was released on the Internet.


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