Jay Leno Test Drives the New 2015 McLaren P1 Supercar

Jay Leno 2015 McLaren P1 supercar

Legendary NBC “Late Night” talk show host Jay Leno released another amazing video from his popular “Jay Leno’s Garage” collection. This time Leno presents the new 2015 McLaren P1 supercar.

The new 2015 McLaren P1 that Leno purchased is a striking yellow color with a sleek, yet powerful style. First we see the McLaren P1 unveiled in a SoCal showroom, then drive by Jay to his famous garage where he displays incredibly expensive cars.

Jay Lendo is then joined by McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt who discussed how the McLaren P1 supercar was developed and the thought process to making a limited production run of only 375.

Next it’s off for a real life test drive as Jay and Mike talk about the many features of the new 2015 McLaren P1 luxury car.

Interesting that Jay usually keeps his cherished luxury cars preserved in his amazing car garage but mentions he already has over 1,000 driven miles on his new 2015 McLaren P1.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the sound of pure power from the McLaren’s twin-turbo engine as Jay drives through the mountains. By the way, it’s a hybrid car so what more do you need? The 2015 McLaren P1 has five different driving modes – sport, hybrid, electric, track and race.

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