Ironman Executive Challenge (XC)

Ironman XC
Courtesy of: Ironman Executive Challenge

As a follow-up to our story on the 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship eBay Charity Auction, we wanted to present information about the Ironman Executive Challenge (XC).

As the ultimate Ironman experience for the world’s top business leaders, Ironman XC is an exclusive member’s-only program and offers privileges such as guaranteed entry to select Ironman events, VIP treatment for you and your family, first-class accommodations, interaction with Ironman icons and much more.

Ironman Executive Challenge is in its second year of program, and also quite an exclusive club. Nearly 1,000 people apply each year, but only lucky ones 100 are accepted.

Members of Ironman XC will also have the opportunity to win coveted slots to the renowned Ford Ironman World Championship, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Ironman Kona - Hawaii

Ironman Executive Challenge (XC) makes it much easier for c-suite executives to participate in Ironman events without having to worry about anything.

Ironman Executive Challenge is arguably the only luxurious way to train for and bring your family to watch you compete in Kona.

Below are some interesting facts about the 2010 XC Group:

– The 2010 XC Group represents well over 100 Billion in Revenue.
– A typical XC Athlete is “A 45 year old CEO of a private company with average revenues of 44M.”
– 8% of companies have revenues over $1B (The Hartford, Cushman & Wakefield, and GlaxoSmithKline to name a few)
– 5-10% of participants will compete in multiple XC events throughout the season
– 50% of year One participants have returned for year Two
– Demographic: Male: 95%, Female: 5%, Average Age: 45, 85% are U.S. citizens

What are the benefits of joining the XC program?

– Members are guaranteed entry to select Ironman events
– Receive first‐class accommodations
– Get an opportunity to win Kona World Championship slots
– Participate in a 16 week training program with Troy Jacobson (one of the official coaches of Ironman)
– VIP passes and escorts on race day for attending family members
– Strategy session breakfast with Pro Athletes and Ironman Icons
– Receive Ironman XC Executive Challenge apparel
– In addition to other special offers, promotions, and much more

Several of the more notable participants this year include:
– Ray Brown, President & CEO of HighPointe Consulting (Mr. Brown is racing three times this year – Germany, August 1st, Tempe, Arizona, November 21, Kona @ World Championship October 9)

– Andrew Kosove, Co-Founder + CEO of Alcon Entertainment – producers of The Blind Side. (Mr. Kosove is racing at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho full distance Ironman on 6/27/2010)

– Juan Andrade, President of The Hartford (Mr Andrade is racing at Tempe, Arizona, 11/21/2010)

– Phil Newbold, CEO Memorial Health System – $500M (Mr Newbold is racing at Louisville 8/29/2010)

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