Intel Skulltrail Platform, Dual Quad-Core Power

$3000 for two quad-core processors from the Penryn family, $650 for a special mainboard and $200 for memory. This is the hot, new exclusive dual-processor platform for enthusiasts from Intel. However, do investments like that really make sense for the sake of unattainable performance? Do we really need all this power under our PC’s hood? Sure we do.

Although Intel Skulltrail including two quad-core Penryn processors has no analogues or competitors these days, it is extremely interesting to check out. Let’s see how good this monstrous system actually is and how valuable it is going to be from a practical standpoint. Our today’ article will try to answer the following question: can Intel Skulltrail become a really useful platform or it is interesting only as a vivid example of Intel’s financial power. Full article


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