Incredible Flying Luxury Hotel Jet by Four Seasons

Four Seasons luxury jet

Taking an around the world trip is an item on many people’s Bucket List. Now you can go in VIP style in a flying, luxury hotel by Four Seasons, which operates 92 hotels and private residences all around the world.

The luxury hotel brand is offering an amazing, private jet experience. Join Four Seasons on an exclusive journey around the world. It’s a VIP experience of a lifetime and a unique opportunity to discover the world. In a luxurious Boeing 757 jet, Four Seasons will begin offering a series of around the world trips in 2016.

The initial trip will be a 24-day, nine-destination journey that begins in Los Angeles with stops including Hawaii, Bali, and Thailand. You will be staying in luxury accommodations at various Four Seasons Hotels before the trip ends in London, England.

Four Seasons luxury jet seat

Four Seasons started offering its around-the-world trip in 2012, but the luxury hotel brand only used a non-branded jet that carried 78 travelers. The new Four Season luxury jet is painted black and the aircraft will prominently display the iconic Four Seasons name in white on the fuselage. The jet’s tail section will be the company’s tree logo in white.

Fly the skies at 32,000 in this customized, private jet that seems like a flying hotel. From the first time you board, it will transform into your Private Jet Experience with endless luxury amenities that only the Four Seasons can offer. Starting with the cabin crew, you’ll be accompanied by an executive chef, sous chef, concierge and guest services manager.

The custom Boeing 757 jet plane features 52 leather flat-bed seats that were expertly handcrafted in Italy. The carpet is handwoven adding to the luxury decor. A Four Seasons Executive Chef carefully designs and prepares all in-flight dining menus utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients found from local sources during your around the world journey. Another nice perk is the Four Seasons offers its flying guests iconic champagne brand Dom Pérignon. It all adds up to flying in both ultimate comfort and VIP style.

During your trip, all travel itineraries offer a variety of options and activities. This allows each traveler to customize their trip to their own personal taste. You can immediately begin your plans with the Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager, who will also be onboard for all of your flight. You will also have access to a Four Seasons Concierge during your trip.

Four Seasons luxury jet seats

Below are the planned, around the world trips being offered by Four Seasons during 2016.

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey
Destinations: L.A., Kona, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai, Taj Mahal & Mumbai, Prague and London
This signature Around the World trip features many of the world’s most iconic destinations. From the Taj Mahal to the beaches of Bora Bora, this 24-day luxury travel itinerary touches down in sophisticated cities and island paradises. See Sydney by seaplane, explore a 14th-century castle in Prague plus go on an elephant trek through the jungles of Chiang Mai.
Travel Dates: January 26 – February 18, 2016
Price: USD $132,000 per person based on double occupancy
International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey
Destinations: Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, The Maldives, Serengeti, Istanbul, St Petersburg, Marrakech and Boston
Travel to some of the world’s most intriguing cities and breathtaking landscapes. This package choice includes some of Four Seasons newest properties. From the exciting African game drives in the Serengeti to gorgeous palaces of St. Petersburg, to a private dinner on The Great Wall in China, this Around the World journey is a 24-day experience that spans the globe.
Travel Dates: April 14 – May 7, 2016
Price: USD $132,000 per person based on double occupancy
Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey
This new itinerary is geared toward the adventurous spirit. Enjoy a 25-day journey that’s complete with fascinating adventures at every stop. You can fly by zip line across the rain forest canopy of Costa Rica, kayak through Malaysian mangroves, hike Australia’s Jenolan Caves, plus experience the “Big Five” on a Serengeti game drive in Africa.
Destinations: Austin, Costa Rica, Lana’i, Sydney, Langkawi, Mauritius. Serengeti, Petra or the Dead Sea and Lisbon
Travel Dates: September 17 – October 11, 2016
Price: USD $137,000 per person based on double occupancy
Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East & Africa
Destinations: London, Petra and the Dead Sea, Dubai, Seychelles, Serengeti, Florence and London
Immerse yourself in 19 days of unique cultures. Take a journey to incredibly fascinating areas of the world. Visit Dubai with the best views from the top of the world’s tallest building, discover the Italian art and architecture of Florence and be amazed by marine life and snorke in the Seychelles. Continue your travels and see the lost city of Petra, in addition to visiting the lowest point on earth and experience the healing properties of the magnificent Dead Sea.
Travel Dates: November 4 – November 22, 2016
Price: USD $106,000 per person based on double occupancy

If you wish to make your dream come true and enjoy an around the world trip on a luxury jet by Four Seasons, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help assist with all your reservations. Return to this luxury blog and read about other luxury travel packages.

Photo: Four Seasons


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