The Importance of Term Life Insurance for Your Family

term life insurance policy

Term life insurance provides insurance for a specific period of time. Once that time period is up the person being insured can drop the policy or pay annually increasing premiums to extend the coverage.

If the insured should pass away then the beneficiary will receive the death benefit money. In most families the major bread winner will have a term life insurance policy as it can be very damaging to families when the main means of financial support is cut off.

It is always difficult to determine if you should carry term or permanent life insurance. Term life insurance really only offers death benefits such as funeral costs etc, so if you die then it is worth having the policy. If you outlive the policy then it was a waste of money.

Permanent life insurance offers both death benefits as well as something like a “savings account”. So if you die you will get back at least some of the money you put into the policy. If you only want your policy to last 10 years or less then you should go with term life insurance. If your policy is for 20 years or more then permanent is the best, though permanent life insurance is more expensive then term.

Term life insurance is the more affordable way to have death benefits. As with any type of insurance you will make monthly or quarterly payments and as long as you don’t miss a payment you can submit a claim on your policy. Policies can be customized for your particular needs. Currently term life insurance is the simplest form of insurance you can purchase.

You can purchase large amounts of this insurance for a long time at very low prices. If you need to pay off a loan and may have difficulties if a family member dies or if you want to protect your children then term life insurance is an excellent insurance choice. Most states will let you renew your term life insurance until you are 85 or 95 years of age, each state will be different.

The main benefit from term life insurance is that you receive large payouts after a short time period. Having term insurance coverage is great if you are carrying debt as it can cover the debt instead of leaving your debt to your nearest relative. No matter why you have taken out the coverage it is a great way to ensure your loved ones are taken care on if something should happen to you.

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