Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at The Palms

If you want to live like Hugh Hefner for a night, be prepared to dish out at least $40,000 to rent out the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at The Palms in Las Vegas. Sitting atop the Palm’s Fantasy Tower is a two-story luxury suite, modeled after the world famous Playboy Mansion.

This incredible space, 9,000 square feet in all, takes up the entire 52nd floor of the hotel and showcases the best of everything including: a large living room, full bar, media room, dining room, fully equipped gym with sauna and a spa-style treatment room.

For some unexpected panache, enjoy the glass elevator, eight-foot, round rotating bed, an extra-large show tub, and pop-up plasma TV.

In the Hefner villa, the iconic bunny is everywhere – in the middle of the pool, in the artwork, even facing the Vegas Strip 18 feet high on the side of the building. They’re not quite yet sewn on the suite’s bathrobes. “We’ll get that on there, of course,” Palms owner George Maloof, says with a grin. “How could we not?”

“Our aim is to create something you’ve never seen before,” Maloof continues.

All this is sweet, but the true centerpiece is the cantilevered Playboy Jacuzzi pool (see above) with a glass end wall and the ultimate spectacular view of The Strip that seats you and 24 of your best friends. Time to go make that reservation!


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