Henna is China’s First Luxury Cruise Ship

Henna cruise ship - China

China’s first luxury cruise liner, the Henna, is the mainland’s largest luxury cruise ship. Purchased from an Australian company, a Chinese company spent hundreds of millions of US dollars buying the luxury boat.

Reaching a major breakthrough for the Chinese cruise industry, Henna’s just completed its maiden voyage as it left the southern resort island province of Hainan.

Henna’s initial cruise with about 1,200 passengers, was a three-day, two-night voyage, traveling from Sanya Phoenix Island International Port to Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

The luxury ship Henna was originally built back in 1986 for Carnival Cruise Lines, which is a British-American-owned cruise line. The ship’s initial ship name was the Jubilee.

Henna is 223 meters long by 31 meters wide. The luxury cruise ship offers passengers a choice of 739 cabins, in addition to a wide variety of onboard living and entertainment facilities.

To try and appeal to the Chinese culture of its main passengers, the Henna underwent several changes including To attract Chinese clients, such as fitting out a mahjong room, including electric kettles in its cabin rooms, and serving cruise ship meals Chinese dishes.

The luxury ship’s crew has an international feel, employing workers from around the globe. Henna will be managed by Star Cruises, who is the world’s third-largest cruise line.

During the Henna’s first cruise season from now until April, there are 39 voyages to Vietnam planned.

Source: China Daily


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