Having Fun in South Florida

Dream South Beach - Florida
Dream South Beach

Florida is a great place to visit, and on this site you will find a lot of great information about how to make your stay as luxurious as possible.

Perhaps you are on a trip, from seeing the sights of San Francisco, to visiting hostels in New York, and now you are in Florida. With regards to accommodation, there are plenty of great places where you can stay.

For example, a new hotel has opened on the South beach, Miami. It is called Dream South Beach and hopefully its reputation will live up to its name. Inside, you will find a 108 rooms and many great amenities. These include a restaurant which features the extremely well established chef, Geoffrey Zakarian.

It is so nice to have a restaurant in your hotel. This eliminates the need to search around for somewhere nice to eat, especially when you are really hungry. That is one of the great things about this hotel, there is so much to do right inside the building.

If you want some fresh air, you can check out the rooftop pool lounge. From here, you get great views of the Atlantic Ocean, and can even experience a spa. The design of this hotel is very eclectic, with interesting shapes and calming colors.

Dream South Beach - Florida
Dream South Beach

Another great thing about this newly opened hotel is its convenient location. If you fly into Miami International Airport, you will only have to travel 10 miles to reach this hub of luxury. Ideal if you need to relax after a long journey.

If you have not had enough pampering after spending a couple of nights here, there are plenty more great places to check out. The hotel Victor, also on the South Beach, has a great Spa called Spa V.

Here, you can get a wonderful Deep Tissue massage or a facial, as well as many other luxurious treatments to really make you feel like you are on holiday.


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