Gustav Klimt’s Painting Style and The Kiss, Beethoven Frieze and Stoclet Frieze

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss painting

The Kiss, with its gold symbols and romantic appeal is one of the best known paintings in the modern era. Gustav Klimt is best known for The Kiss, despite a career full of extraordinary works, with the others sometimes overlooked.

The glowing themes of The Kiss painting by Klimt showed lovers intertwined into one being, symbolizing the strength of this bond. Some art traditionalists rejected this for its use of eroticism, but others found it refreshing.

Gustav Klimt’s ground breaking art style courted controversy but his support from key areas of Austrian society helped him to continue his style. Key features of Klimt’s work were intensive colors, golden backgrounds & ornamental layouts.

The Museum of Applied Arts and the Belvedere are best known for housing Klimt’s art in the modern day, after much was taken by the Nazis or fell into private collections. Much has been restored to Vienna and Austria. Klimt’s The Kiss is on show around the world in reproduction form too.

The Kiss uses two lovers intertwined with bold jewelry and shapes to illustrate his symbolic intentions and this method was continued in Klimts Beethoven Frieze and Stoclet Frieze, which further established Klimt’s art.

The style of Gustav Klimt is closely tied in with Art Nouveau and Arts and crafts, with the extravagant, golden styles to convey his feelings into a decadent painting.

The Kiss has supreme popularity amongst even those who know little about art and is a rare case of a painting becoming well known with so many people across the world.

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