Gurkha Cigars – The Rolls Royce of Cigars

Gurkha Cigar

Gurkha is a luxury cigar brand, known for its smooth cigars and unique packaging. Gurkha Cigars have often been called “The Rolls Royce of Cigars.”

The company originated in India in the early 20th century, but is now located in the Honduras. But the luxury cigars, with their various blends of tobacco come from all over the Americas, including the fertile Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic.

Gurkha cigars are named after the fierce Nepalese warriors who in the early 19th century, won over the respect of the British army. Their combat skills have allowed them to bravely fight as special forces with the United Kingdom ever since.

The rich taste of Gurkha Cigars offer cigar lovers a wonderful to celebrate any major event such as weddings, anniversaries and New Year’s in luxury.

Gurkha boasts the most premium, high end cigars. They range from the most expensive cigar in the world – the His Majesty Reserve retailing at $750 to less expensive labels costing $12-$38. But regardless of the price, Gurkha still offers a very high quality stogie!

Many famous celebrities smoke the luxury stogie including – Matthew McConaughey, Alex Rodriguez, Joshua Jackson and Alec Baldwin.

The company has stated many times that their personal goal is to produce the finest vintage cigars in the world. With the high quality, luxury Gurkha cigars, they have truly accomplished that feat.

Gurkha Cigars


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