Gurkha Cigar Aficionado’s Choose Best in Luxury

Gurkha cigar
His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR) – Gurkha

Gurkha Cigar founder, Kaizad Hansotia, has defined the luxury cigar brand sector like no other.

In stark contrast to other luxury cigar companies who use the standard cedar box, Hansotia is world renowned for creating limited edition, handcrafted works of art that not only complement the cigars themselves, but distinguish the cigar’s brand.

From his every day blends geared to the recreational cigar smoker to the creation of His Majesty’s Reserve, which holds the title as the “world’s most expensive cigar ever made.” HMRs retail for $16,000 for a case of 20. Hansotia takes pride in understanding his clients and the luxe goods marketplace.

Gurkha Cigar just issued its SpecOps series, which was inspired by the Navy Seals and features an indestructible travel humidor, survival knife with leg sheath and 20 medium bodied cigars.

Over the course of the past year, Gurkha polled 2,000 customers in an effort to get their perceptions and advance some new creations. In doing so, the company’s clientele gave them dramatic insight into some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

“I have been playing with some interesting ideas, creations and blends, and I was curious to see the perception of the uber-luxury automotive, timepiece and alcohol brands through the eyes of our clientele,” stated Kaizad Hansotia, founder of Gurkha Cigars. Hansotia added, “We asked our clients to share their ultimate wish list of spirits, timepieces and super cars. We were amazed at the feedback since some items that we thought were locks for the list didn’t even make the top 5 such as Porsche, Mercedes, Johnny Walker Blue and Rolex .“


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