Getting your Adrenaline Pumping Aboard a Superyacht

MY Starfire superyacht

Chasing thrills aboard your superyacht charter is simple when the whole ocean is your playground. Nothing can compare to the world class cuisine, sumptuous surroundings, dazzling views and the fun to be had on your luxury superyacht charter.

Whilst some guests prefer to spend hazy days feeling the ripple of the waves with a book in hand, others are always looking for the next adventure to get their senses tingling and blood pumping.

Fortunately MY Starfire luxury yacht provides plenty of choice activities for fun in the sun. Take a look at these luscious ways to get the adrenaline flowing out on the seas.

Jump off:
Diving from the polished deck of your luxury superyacht into the cool blue hues of the ocean is an instant revival for the body and mind. A morning dip in the crystal clear pacific, an afternoon jump into the refreshing white water Atlantic or a moonlit swim in the softly shimmering Mediterranean is what fine living is all about.

Water-ski / wakeboard:
Those with a need for speed will adore feeling the salt water spray as they cruise across the tides on their wakeboard or water-ski. One of the best ways to enjoy an exhilarating ride is with these highly popular superyacht toys.

Discover another world waiting for you beneath the waves. Many superyacht charters come with specialist diving instructors and down in the deep you can witness blooming coral gardens, finely dressed fish and even dance with the dolphins.

diving - sea turtle

Jet Ski Safari:
See another side to the rugged coast and the shoreline breakers with a Jet Ski safari. Whizzing around the rocky coves, seeking out secret beaches and feeling the breeze through your hair can turn any afternoon into an adrenaline fueled adventure.

These jet steam powered toys are a must have for any superyacht charter and perfect for immersing yourself in your element. You can use them for racing around on top of the glassy water or for ducking down deep for a faster paced diving experience. Onshore excitement is also waiting for you when you dock and with these European adventures you can pleasure seek away from the sea.

Sky diving – Le Marche, Italy:
There is no greater thrill to be captured in the world then taking to the air without wings. Sky diving is the ultimate adrenaline kick and Le Marche, Italy is one of the hottest spots to coast over. From your bird’s eye view you can see the Apennine Mountains racing down to meet the sea.

Rent a supercar/luxury car for a day – Monaco:
Discover the pearl of the French Riviera in style with an afternoon cruising Monaco in a supercar. From beautiful Bentleys to Fast and furious Ferraris you can take to the winding coastal roads or simply enjoy cruising around the best spots in town.

Paragliding – Olu Deniz:
Imagine sailing across the skies in complete comfort over the shimmering turquoise coast of Turkey. As you glide through the air you can feel the warm Mediterranean sun kiss your face, see the lush mountains and the lagoons beneath you.

Rock climbing – Kalymnos, Greece:
Giant cliffs, panoramic sea views and uncharted crags make rock climbing in Kalymnos a dream come true for those who love to scale off the beaten track. With less than ten percent of the dramatic sheer cliffs explored you can pave your own way and soak up the island life experience.

Hiking – Corsica:
Discover the treasures of Corsica with its gentle wilderness trails or its bold summit hikes. Pretty little villages, hidden swimming holes and dense wooden hills make Corsica a true delight to explore on foot.

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