Foster Botanical Garden – Hawaii Tropical Paradise

In the heart of busy Honolulu Oahu, Foster Botanical Gardens is a 13.5 acre oasis of tropical plants, some rare and endangered, collected from throughout the world’s tropics over a period of 140 years.

The oldest of several botanical gardens in Hawaii, Foster Botanical Garden started after William Hillebrand leased a portion of what is now central Honolulu from Queen Kalama in 1853.

As a botanist Hillebrand planted a great many trees, then left Hawaii for his native Germany, where he produced Flora of the Hawaiian Islands (1888).

The site was then sold to Thomas and Mary Foster, who added several acres and plantings before it was bequeathed to the city as a public garden in 1931.

The first Foster Botanical Garden director was Dr. Harold Lyon, a preeminent botanist in Hawaii.

Major streets now encompass the site, check the satellite image to get a feel for how precious a retreat this makes in the center of a busy city.

Of note are the orchid gardens, a prehistoric glen, a multitude of protected exceptional trees, and, as you can see, a magnificent palm collection.

Guided tours of Foster Botanical Garden are given to thousands of school children as well as visitors from around the world.

For additional information, please visit Foster Botanical Garden


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