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Jung Lee - Fête luxury museum wedding event
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No matter whether you are planning that perfect wedding, family gathering, private party, corporate event or other special occasion. There is much work involved in making your event a memorable one. Planning is a crucial element behind any successful luxury event.

Based in New York, Fête was founded in 2002 and is a full-service, luxury event planning and design production firm that was founded by husband and wife team of Jung Lee and Josh Brooks. This talented firm manages and designs a variety of high caliber social, corporate and non-profit events across the globe.

Jung Lee is a celebrated event innovator and the highly praised author of Fete. Jung’s 360-degree approach to events and aversion to gimmicks are anything but ordinary. Her success has earned her the stellar reputation of a true out-of-the-box thinker and definitely made her one of the most sought-after wedding and event producers in the U.S. and worldwide.

Jung Lee - Fête
Courtesy of Fête

Lee entered the crowded event planning industry because she felt strongly that events all felt so similar and could become much more interesting. She has a fresh and creative approach to event planning. The incredible results speak for themselves. Fête’s events are not just visually stunning, but acclaimed for being both personal and truly reflective of the host.

We had the privilege to interview Jung Lee and get her thoughts on her career and the success of her company, Fête.

– First of all, how would you each describe yourself?
I am very passionate about all things relating to lifestyle, particularly all aspects of design. I love starting from scratch, creating concepts and then executing and orchestrating them into these phenomenal event experiences. Creating unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for my clients, and then hearing that we have surpassed even their highest expectations, is incredibly gratifying for me and my team.

Jung Lee - Fête luxury outdoor event
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Lee Jung currently lives in New York with her husband Josh Brooks and two children. Josh has had a very successful career in the world of both finance and general management as an investment banker in Madrid and New York. In addition, Josh was a member of management teams behind top technology companies and his skills are a great asset to Fête.

What is your goal to be different and better than other event planners?
I am very focused on my clients and the events we do for them; I don’t know how other planners work. We are in the service business, and I am so grateful to have the most talented, dedicated, hardworking staff who really go all out to ensure that our clients are well taken care of. We consider ourselves to be “the architect” for the event. We create and layout the blueprint, which is the foundation, and build from there. We make sure every element is carefully considered and that it is impactful. This includes the environment, the visuals, food, drinks, music, wait staff attire and service…. we are constantly injecting fresh energy and surprises throughout our event, so there are always unveilings happening.
I entered the event industry because I was finding that from a guest’s perspective, events felt very bland. It reminded me of the hotel industry in the 1980s, before Ian Schraeger injected energy and freshness into what became known as a “boutique” hotel. I saw that events needed the same kind of fresh thinking. That is where my focus is. Now I am fortunate to create what I think are the most interesting, exciting and innovative events anyone will find.

Every event has a purpose to achieve. The primary objective of an event planner is to define the objective of an event and then exceed the client’s expectation.

Jung Lee - Fête luxury event
Courtesy of Fête

– How do you decide on the theme of a particular event?
I generally don’t really create “themes” unless asked to. I develop an event’s creative vision by trying to capture something that relates back to the host – my client. Initially, I spend time with my client learning their passions, likes, dislikes, things people associate with them. We talk about design, food, drinks, travel, etc…whatever it is that they get excited about. These conversations provide me with the basis of the creative direction. This way, the event has soul and can really be customized for each client.

The Fête philosophy is that great parties do not happen by themselves, and that there’s a true art to entertaining. Lee and Brooks search far and wide for their inspiration, tap into clients’ sensibilities, and weave subtle, meaningful moments throughout any project.

– What do you consider your most rewarding event to date & why?
Each event is rewarding in a unique way – it can be a challenging event that really pushes my abilities. Or the emotional tie to the client can make it very meaningful. Fortunately, I have the privilege to design for many high-profile individuals. I get excited when I create an event that really blows these people away. Surpassing their highest expectations is rewarding. My aim is to raise the bar in this industry, constantly and consistently.

Jung Lee - Fête luxury bohemian glam event
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The design of a Fête event is always top-tier and unique, filled with unexpected details and a sense of adventure and discovery. There’s a profound synergy between the numerous event elements, and each has a definite purpose. Their in-house team creates and executes flawless visual feats, which work in harmony with incredible food, service, and music. Most importantly, each event is masterfully orchestrated to build its energy and create dynamism within the environment.

– What short-term and long-term goals and objectives have you established for your company?
Short-term, we’re growing our team and capabilities to continue to support client all over the US and globally. This year, we have already produced events in South Korea and Italy and Mexico. Long-term, we want to expand our business via a line of entertaining products.

Jung Lee - Fête luxury event

For additional information about Fête and all their luxury event services, please call (212)725-7268 or visit www.feteny.com


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