Experience the World’s Top Yachting Destinations This Summer

Hermitage Bay in Antigua

This summer’s top yachting destinations are as varied as they are beautiful. When it comes to where you take your yacht, only the best of locals will suffice. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned sailor or just out for a luxury cruise, where you decide to take your boat is a reflection of your own adventurous spirit.

Because of brand new hotels and tour opportunities, these hot vacation spots are a must see for this summer vacation! One of the top, yachting destinations this year is the Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua. It is a picturesque place with white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons, and amazing weather.

Looking to enjoy some of the native cuisine? Try some of the fresh lobster, caught that day and made ready to eat for a very small price. This beautiful island getaway features a brand new hotel with sixteen beachfront cabanas, just waiting to be enjoyed by travelers. Little Corn Island is certainly a must see on your yachting adventure this summer.

Another great location to go to while on your yachting excursion would be Hermitage Bay in Antigua. This blissful barefoot local is again the perfect place to travel to with your yacht. It features a luxury resort of twenty five cottages tucked away in over sixteen acres of beautiful tropical vegetation next to a beautiful beach on a warm, blue lagoon of the purest water. If staying on your yacht while on this vacation does not suit your fancy, consider staying in one of these beautiful resorts and be pampered by the all-inclusive dining that will be perfectly tailored to your desires.

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Yet another must see location is Hayman Island, just off the Great Barrier Reef in mysterious Australia. Hayman Island is a one of a kind resort that will make you feel like royalty in a tropical paradise and favorite among the best yachting destinations in the world. Enjoy the flora and fauna of the region with all manner of wildlife including exotic fish, kookaburras and wallabies. Another reason why Hayman Island is such a wonderful retreat is the water sport activities and food options available for travelers. Dock your boat and enjoy meals by world famous chefs and winemakers under the stars.

No matter where you decide to take your luxury yacht this summer, make sure that it will be an experience to remember. Remember, yachting is about exploring the unknown and making lifelong friends along the way.

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If you have always dreamed of vacationing in one the world’s best yachting destinations, contact our travel concierge specialists. We can help book your luxury vacation or luxury yacht charter. Return often to follow our luxury blog and keep up on the latest luxury travel news.


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