Eternal Love Bra – World’s Most Expensive Sports Bra – $21,011

Eternal Love bra - World's most expensive sports bra
BodyRock – Eternal Love Bra

For women who not only want to look sexy in a sports bra, how about being to brag that you are wearing the world’s most expensive sports bra?

BodyRock has recently introduced the luxury Eternal Love Bra. This pricey sports bra is made with a both detachable skull zipper and clear Swarovski hearts. The stylish bra neckline is encrusted with black diamond Swarovski crystals and gold stud diamonds.

Made of fine French silk, the Eternal Love Bra from BodyRock also features an 18-carat gold, removable tassel.

As the new, world’s most expensive sports bra, Eternal Love Bra is priced at $21,011 and features a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace.

The luxurious Eternal Love Bra is a result of a collaboration between BodyRock Sport creator Kelly Dooley and jewelry designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer.

With a price of $21,011, the Eternal Love Bra now eclipses the previous world record for most expensive sports bra – Trenta Bra, which we reported on last summer.

This custom-made bra is the newest edition to the current BodyRock collection and is now available online at


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