Don’t Be a Pill Popping Addict

Have you ever peaked into a friend’s medicine cabinet and shocked to think you were staring into a pharmacy’s inventory stockroom?  Well you’re not alone.

Recent studies show that more and more Americans are taking prescription drugs, and in increasing quantities.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit that analyzes health care issues, says that from 1994 to 2005, it’s estimated that the number of prescriptions purchased increased 71% (from 2.1 billion to 3.6 billion) compared with a 9% growth in the U.S. population.
More recently, a study by Medco Health Solutions is showing for the first time that a majority of insured Americans, 51%, took prescription drugs to treat at least one chronic health problem last year, and one-fifth of the population used three or more chronic drug treatments.

So what is actually happening?  Are that many people really sick and require all these drugs?

Or it billions in advertising from the huge pharmaceutical companies who are brainwashing us into buying their pricey drugs?

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