Did Britney Spears Buy a $20 Million Luxury Mansion?

Britney Spears $20M mansion
Britney Spears $20 million mansion / Splash News

It was just reported by MailOnline that Britney Spears has recently purchased a $20 Million luxury mansion.

The luxury mansion is tudor-style home located in the Hidden Hills areas of Los Angeles, California.

Hidden Hills is a gated community and several celebs also own homes there including – the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne.

Britney Spears currently owns a luxury home valued at around $1.8 million, just a few miles away.

The $20 Million luxury mansion has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, plus an amazing game arcade.

One of the bedrooms is picture perfect for a young girl. It is painted a bright pink color and has a large bay window and a dome-ceiling.

Britney Spears $20M mansion bedroom
Britney Spears $20 million mansion (girls bedroom) / Splash News

Like any celebrity, privacy is key demand. This property covers three acres, with a large manicured lawn and mature trees.

Despite her troubled past, bad marriage and wild partying days …. Britney Spears is still a money making machine. With sales from her recent album and concert tour, Spears was listed in third place on the Forbes magazine women-in-entertainment list.

Britney Spears $20M mansion pool
Britney Spears $20 million mansion (backyard & pool) / Splash News

To read the full story and view additional photos, please visit: MailOnline


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