Diamond Jubilee Collection Watch by Backes & Strauss London

Backes & Strauss London

Backes & Strauss London presents The Diamond Jubilee Collection. This incredible luxury watch collection is aptly a Regent, which was designed, crafted and inspired by England’s Diamond Queen – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in celebration of her 60 year reign from 1952 to 2012.

Backes & Strauss London is proud to be the oldest diamond company. Since 1789, the luxury jewelry company has been creating luxury diamond watches.

Backes & Strauss London was granted permission by the Lord Chamberlain’s Office in Buckingham Palace to officially use her Majesty’s Royal Cypher in the design of this unique and historical watch collection.

Diamonds of the finest quality are hand set into 18kt white gold, and the side of each case is engraved “1952-2012.” This Limited Edition Collection will have only 60 watch pieces crafted.

The back of this luxury timepiece is open. Through the elegant sapphire glass, you can view the decorated watch movement. The watch back is engraved “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee” with a unique year from HM’s reign as the serial number.

The watch also features one or two rows of diamonds that surround the Royal purple dial base of lacquered English roses, set with the Royal Cypher and diamond set Roman numerals – LX (60) in diamonds at 12 O’Clock.

The watch also includes a 18kt White Gold Ardillon diamond set buckle.


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