Customize Your Cirrus Aircraft With The Xi Package

Cirrus Aircraft Xi
Courtesy of: Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft just announced the Xi package. It’s an individualized experience that allows new Cirrus owners to create a one-off personalized aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft is already known world-wide as a voyager’s sanctuary for comfortable air travel, the Cirrus Xi package now offers pilots and passengers the ultimate hands-on design experience.

In an age where customization is essential, Cirrus now puts Xi designers in control of every detail of the aircraft, even incorporating company logos and family crests.

With the assistance of the Cirrus design team, owners can customize and choose the right combination of options to satisfy any taste for an unparalleled experience.

Cirrus now offers its customers the opportunity to make their mark on the ultimate mode of luxury transportation by choosing an individualized color palette, stitching, exterior graphics and seating materials.

Cirrus Aircraft Xi
Courtesy of: Cirrus Aircraft

For example, you can have your company logo, family crest or other insignia added for further personalization.

The Cirrus Xi personalization package allows anyone to become a designer by working side-by-side with Cirrus’ skilled team of aircraft designers at their headquarters in Duluth, MN.

It’s all in the details -from exterior composition, color palette, seating materials, leather colors and grains, stitching, accents, air vent and light bezel finishes, exterior graphics, console and panel trim inserts.

This latest concept from Cirrus ensures that the Xi aircraft is made to the designers exact specifications and liking.

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