Custom Mercedes GLS Black Crystal by Larte Design

Larter Design - Mercedes GLS Black Crystal

Who wants to drive the same vehicle like everybody else on the road? Of course not. Larte Design is a tuning company based in Russia. Their latest tuning kick – Mercedes GLS Black Crystal – was on full display at the MIAS 2016 (Manila International Auto Show) in the Philippines.

Discerning Car buyers want to distinguish themselves. Driving a unique SUV turns heads and draws attention. The new Mercedes GLS Black Crystal turning kit does just that and it’s impressive.

The Mercedes GLS Black Crystal tuning kit utilizes new materials such as basalt and carbon and about 50 new parts. The end result is a modified Mercedes GLS that is truly impressive.

There are several new features for the SUV’s front bumper. There is a splitter, as well as aelegant carbon fiber inserts. The Black Crystal Swarovski symbol can be seen on both the right and left sides of the front bumper.

Larte Design GLS Black Crystal

On the rear bumper, you’ll find a diffuser plus carbon inserts. Due to this design, a nice feature is the Larte Design experts still allow the SUV’s tow bar to be used.

Back up front, the Mercedes GLS radiator grille is adorned with impressive carbon fiber, plus the company’s logo has a shape like a horseshoe. As a result of giving the GLS a more powerful look, the tuning kit adds expanded side arches.

The tips on the dual exhaust are made from carbon fiber. Another nice touch in this cool Mercedes GLS Black Crystal tuning kit that provides individuality and style.

What we like about the extended use of the carbon elements, is they can be easily painted to complement the color concept you desire. If you are going to customize your Mercedes GLS, then go all the way. Each client should make their car design unique.

In conclusion, Larte Design offers a wide selection of tuning kits available. In addition to the Mercedes GLS Black Crystal kit, you can choose to customize the following vehicle makes and models:
– Infiniti Q70 LR, QX60 LR1, QX70 (FX37) and QX80 (QX56)
– Lexus LX 570 Alligator and LX and NX accessories
– Maserati Ghibli accessories
– Mercedes GL Black Crystal and V-class Black Crystal
– Range Rover Evoque and Sport Winner
– Tesla Model S Elizabeta

If you would like to pimp your rise, contact The Life of Luxury and we can help you. Consider the Mercedes GLS Black Crystal kit from Larte Design or one of their other incredible options. Be sure to come back again and read our luxury blog.

Photo: Larte Design


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