Custom Infiniti QX80 Missuro by LARTE Design

LARTE Design - Infiniti QX-80 Missuro SUV

LARTE Design Tuning Company take the art of expression to a whole new level. Their cutting edge car designs are the result of over 10 years experience from a creative team of designers, engineers and marketing managers.

The LARTE Group creates tuning kits and and in 2012, LARTE Design was created. Infiniti was the first, luxury car brand they offered. Since then, LARTE Design has added new car brands including Mercedes, Range Rover, Lexus plus Tesla.

LARTE Design has teamed up with famous clothier Uomo Collezioni and developed an exciting video that was shot in Moscow, Russia. The video showcases the LARTE Missuro, based on the stylish Infiniti QX80 Missuro SUV. By teaming with Uomo Collezioni, the video’s message is “Clothes make the man – but cars make him a mover.”

If you dream of being picked up in a custom SUV and taken on an unforgettable journey through the world of fashion and tailor-made cars, your wish has been answered.

LARTE Design - Infiniti QX-80 Missuro SUV

The process of creating one of these custom cars is a time consuming process. The art team at LARTE Design produces dozens or maybe hundreds of unique sketches in their design studio in Germany. They want to develop a variety of custom designs to assure they capture the ideal car makeover.

Each tuning car is tailor-made and custom from top to bottom. The results are spectacular and LARTE Design has been turning heads around the world with their stunning designs. The latest project is the LARTE Missuro, which is dynamic and its styling is pure motion. The bold new styling package for the Infiniti QX80 will make jaws drop in awe.

The package for this project includes restyled front and rear fascias, three-mode LED lighting, a radiator grill, in addition to a new exhaust system. Additional vents were also added above the headlights. Not just for looks, the design also provides additional cooling for the Infiniti SUV’s engine compartment.

Both the front and rear fascias were made using strong but lightweight, basalt fiber composite. Under the headlights are multifunction LED lighting that’s used for daytime running lights, turn indicators and parking lights.

For a VIP style look, the 24-inch, three-piece modular wheels feature forged centers. To improve braking capability, the LARTE Missuro SUV is equipped with a cutting-edge braking system from Rotora. It features braided stainless steel brake hoses, 8-piston calipers, plus large ventilated rotors and high-performance pads.

Why ride around town or on the highway in a basic, factory car? Let the creative geniuses at LARTE Design make your dream car come alive. Take car ownership to the next step and drive in luxury style. Don’t be limited by your dreams. Make them a reality!

If you are looking for a custom car like the LARTE Missuro from LARTE Design, contact The Life of Luxury today and we can help get you in touch with the company. We enjoy sharing stories of luxury brands with our loyal readers. Follow this luxury blog for the best in luxury living and VIP experiences.

Photo: LARTE Design


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